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Privacy Policy

By using our services, you agree to maintain the terms and conditions. Unless you follow our terms, you will not take advantage of our services.

In the case of any dispute or disagreement with the terms and conditions set forth by the company, the matter can be settled in the court.

Our Privacy Policy ensures that there is no data infringement for the sole purpose of data protection of our customers. In order to keep the information about our customers confidential, we have set some rules and obligations according to the law.

This Privacy Policy applies to all the services that have been received from this company. Therefore, it is better that customers first go through the privacy policy and make themselves aware of that.

The Principles for our Privacy Policy

Protection of Customer's data is important for us to maintain transparency in our business. Whatever activities we do, we do according to your consent and by law.

How and why we use your personal data. We provide full transparency of why this data has been collected and for which purpose it has to be used.

To protect data mishandling and misuse, we use the leading technologies so that we can ensure the full security of our customers' personal information.

In the case of personal data, in order to share with the third party of the Company or its organizations, we ensure that they have adequate security measures to handle such data and provide maximum protection.

The first and foremost rule is that you must not share username and password with anyone.